Jun 17, 2015

Another flower and a drug store

 This flower, as usual I have no idea what its name is, was so bright red that it drew my attention even though it was deep in someone's yard. I used the telephoto lens to take the picture.
This is a drugstore. The name according to the sign is Drug Eleven which I assume is a trying to steal a bit of the Seven Eleven brand recognition. I should point out that although the name Seven Eleven is still used the actual name and the one used in ads is Seven & iHoldings. A large company, iHoldings, bought the major shares of Seven Eleven in Japan and changed the name a few years ago.

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Jennifer Oja said...

Konnichiwa Charles-San! The fluorescent pink flower appears to be a geranium. They are quite hardy and come in a variety of colors, although the "hot" pink is my favourite. The hydrangeas in the previous post are lovely, and grow well in Vancouver, but up here in the mountainous region of central BC, they don't like the cold winters. With climate change, that soon may not be the case! I just spent a week up at Birken Forest Monastery at 4000 ft. altitude working on the gardens. Alpine wildflowers abound, but a few domestic types are flourishing, iris do well. Marmots are quite common, and friendly. What types of wildlife have you encountered on your rambles? Keep walking and clicking, great photos!