Jun 18, 2015

Coffee shop and warm weather clothing

 I've shown this building before, at an early stage of its reconstruction. The signs all say if is a coffee store and by town standards it is huge. Now that it has reached this stage it appears that the section on the right is going to sell coffee beans and stuff for making coffee and the section on the left will be a restaurant. There can not be enough business for a coffee shop of that size so everyone expects it to be a combined coffee shop and restaurant.
I took this woman's picture, not because there is something special about her, but because of her clothing. The temperature was above 80 degrees F but she is wearing a light jacket. This is typical of the people who grew up in this town. They do not think that it is hot until it is over 85 degrees F. I frequently find that I am wearing a T-shirt and shorts and everyone else has a jacket and long pants.

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