Jun 11, 2015

My drawings

As I think I mentioned, the rainy season has started and today we have having a ferocious downpour. I do have some more pictures that I took around Nakagawa Town, where I live, but they are still in the camera, so I thought I would do something different today. These are two pictures that I drew of Japanese buildings.

 This is an outdoor Noh stage somewhere along the west coast of Japan. I worked from a photo and have never visited the actual building. Noh is one of the tradition forms of musical drama and the traditional plays are still performed today. This building is evidence of those continuing performances.
This is an old abandoned home that I saw in Shikoku, when I was on the Ohenro Pilgrimage. We ate our lunch on the stone wall separating the homestead from a rice paddy. The island of Shikoku is leading the way in the transformation of the country as it ages. The young people are moving to the big cities because they do not want to be farmers and the older people are gradually dying off. This is leaving a huge number of empty buildings. In some of the small villages we walked through, fully half of the stores and homes were abandoned.

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