Jun 15, 2015

Mos Burger and the river

As you can see from this sign in front of Mos Burger, they have 'Japanese Fine Burger & Coffee'.  Since Burger is in the singular, does that mean you can only buy one? A similar problem is the use of plural forms when English uses singular forms, for example, all over Japan you can find signs that say "Big Shoes Store". This indicates that the people who make these terms do not understand English. The Japanese language does not use singular and plural forms of words and nouns refer to the general category of that sort of thing rather than the specific. This causes Japanese a huge amount of trouble when learning English. The school teachers often do not understand this and the makers of the national college entrance tests, mostly college professors, seldom reach any level of understanding of this aspect of English. The result is that the tests do not include this sort of thing, so the public school teachers do not  teach it and neither do the prep schools, which means that it can not be included on the tests. It is a vicious circle.
This is the Nakagawa, the Naka River. The river has changed a lot in the three years that we have lived here. After a disastrous flood the year before we arrived, they rebuild large sections of the river bank, put a number of moveable dams, and dredged much of the riverbed. It is nice not have all the construction along the river, making walks a bit more pleasant, if not as interesting.

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