Jun 6, 2015

A couple of strange plants

 This plant is actually food. They are beans that have sprouted and are starting to grow. We buy the already starting to sprout beans in a package at the supermarket. At home we put them in a bowl of water and leave them for a few days. When they get about six inches high, we cut them. They are good in salads or added to other recipes. The interesting thing is that, after they are cut, it is possible to change the water and let them grow again. Usually we can do this three times. In the picture, the beans are ready for their third cutting. After this we will throw them away because the fourth time they grow, they are stunted, tough, and very short so it is not worthwhile.
This is a large tree in the park where we play ground golf. This is the tree under which we leave all our stuff while we play. These leaves are not part of the tree but are instead some sort of parasite that grows in the cracks in the bark. The grow quite high in the tree. These were the lowest and they were above my head.

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