Jun 12, 2015

Another Go tournament

This was taken just before the first games started. We were divided into two groups: the good players and everyone else. Within the groups we were paired off randomly for the first game. The method used for this was the same as we use for ground golf. Numbers are written on the end of disposable chopsticks. These are then placed in a small bag that covers the numbers. You draw a chopstick and your name is inserted into the slot on the schedule that has the same number.

My first game was close for a while but in the end I lost by 12 points, not at all embarrassing but a loss. For the second round the losers were paired and the winners paired. I lost my second game by 4 points.

For the third round we were pair with someone with the same record. I was now playing with someone who is a real beginner. He was given a huge handicap because of the difference in our ability level. He started by placing 9 stones on the board at designated locations and then it was my first move. The woman who eventually won the tournament came over and started helping him with suggested moves. This made the game very difficult for me because she and I have equal ranks but she was working with the huge handicap. My actual opponent was just making the moves she suggested. I pointed out that there was no way that I could win with such conditions so she stopped helping. The second weakest player came over and started help out. I let him and finally won the game by about 100 points.

The fourth round, again the players were matched by their record so far. The second weakest player, a man  who is probably my closest friend in the Senior Club, was my opponent. He only started learning Go a couple of  years ago. We have played many games but he has only beat me once, so I was not worried about the outcome. As expected I beat him. I killed a large group of his stones, leaving him no chance of winning, so he resigned. His final record was one win and three loses, which meant he was awarded the Booby Prize. He had beat the player who I played in the third round. My final record was two wins and two loses.

In spite of not doing as well as I had hoped, I thought I might be able to win three games, it was a good day. I should add that this tournament was free. There were prizes for everyone. I got a large bag of sugar. Also the Senior Club paid for box lunches for all of us.

A very good day!

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