Mar 26, 2011

Earthquake Diary 32

 As I related in an earlier post, I decided to walk in a large square, going north, west, south and the east. These pictures and those in coming posts are from that walk. Here you can see that the building is damaged just in front of the door, and someone has swept up the pieces of broken tile and concrete and put it all in a cardboard box.
 Here is a wall that partially collapsed. The stone blocks fell almost two meters.
 Here is another wall that collapsed onto the sidewalk.
 The stone post beside the driveway of a house reminded me of the lamps at the Shinto shrine, fallen over and the individual blocks separated..
 This wall fell in toward the house, rather than out onto the sidewalk.
 This was a sign beside a company. It says, "Water". According to the information that I have obtained this area was without water for a long time. I do not know whether it has yet been restored.
 The blue plastic sheets here are covering places where the hillside has been removed. Whether this was because of the earthquake or because of construction I do not know.
This is the most popular (because it is cheep with lots of varieties, not because it is good) cake shop. Usually it is bustling with customers. However, now it is closed and some of the remain broken. They probably cannot obtain the supplies they would need to bake.

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